AYB, Associated Yacht Brokers runs six websites

AYB ayb.org.uk
AYB provides an effective and affordable professional association for Yacht Brokers worldwide, with internationally recognised industry standard requirements for professional Yacht Brokers

AYB Reach Out aybro.com
AYB Reach Out adminsters the largest integrated “Yachts for Sale” network on facebook
It is designed specifially for the needs of Yacht Brokers, with millions of visitors and over a hundred thousand members (rising daily) The AYB “Yachts for Sale” network includes 40 integrated groups on facebook.

Nautalia Chandlery nautalia.co.uk
AYB advises Yachters to buy carefully when need arises on their vessel.
Research the most expensive options first, the advertising will list the imost mportant and desirable features, then maybe look further down the price scale to acheive an acceptable compromise.
Nautalia lists Chandlery items from highly reccomended suppliers in price order, kept up to date automatically.

The Houseboat Centre houseboatcentre.co.uk
Dedicated to advising would-be houseboat dwellers via the “must read” book
The Houseboat Book
and ongoing research projects of interest to Yacht Brokers, Yachtsmen and women and Houseboat devotees.

Certified Professional Yacht Brokers
cpyb.uk run in the UK to provide demonstrable professional training and qualifications

El Alamein International Boat Show egyptboatshow.com

AYB is sponsoring what promises to be the largest single location Boat Show in the world at El Alamein in partnership with Elmahrosa est.