BREAKING NEWS ! Hon Chairman David Greenaway leaves Dubai Boat Show and flies to Egypt….

David will be representing AYB assisting in Egypt with preparations for the El Alamein Boat Show 2022.


always on the move, but if I’m out you can leave a voice message on UK landline +44 2032872977

From 23rd March ’22, mobile in Europe is +40 0759657097

What we stand for


The very word broker brings to mind “Honest Broker” . We expect the very highest standards from our members.


We demand to see evidence that each AYB Broker has adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance and a letter from their bank to confirm that client funds are kept in a separate client account.


The volunteer staff who administer AYB have many years Brokerage experience between them and. having made most of the usual mistakes. are well placed to support our members..

About AYB

AYB is an association for Professional Yacht Brokers.

AYB Yacht Brokers agree to the  AYB Code of Practice and are issued with a certificate to reassure clients and buyers.

They have a Brokers profile page and are listed in the AYB Directory

On the private page for AYB Brokers are downloads such as:-

Code of practice,  AYB broker logos, AYB brokerage agreement



Royal Yachting Association (RYA)

have recommended only using a Brokerage that is a member of a representative organisation.

Through the AYB Reach out program,you can join at one of Two levels

AYB BROKER open to Professional Yacht Brokers

AYB TRADER open to other suppliers of Marine goods and services

Dedicated and experienced. Working for Yacht Brokers

David Greenaway

Honorary Chairman

Forward thinking trend setter for Yacht Brokers and Marine Leisure. Microsoft Certified Professional and Dean of C.P.Y.B.

Simona Jecan

Administration Manager

Always on her laptop.

Daniel Codd

Brokerage Advisor

Gives real time input from Yacht Brokerage in the field.

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