Helping immigrant AYB Brokers in England to sell better.

Research and polls indicate that a significant percentage of people doubt the knowledge and/or integrity of business people who do not have a confident and reassuring command of the language.

The English Culture Library seeks to promote knowledge and love of English Culture through carefully selected books. It is relevant to anyone in England, of any age, who wants to know more about their heritage.

It is particularly useful in helping immigrants to understand and integrate more harmoniously into English society.

AYB spoke to a number of members about their needs as Immigrant Yacht Brokers, some of whom had been resident for up to 10 years.

It equally applies to AYB Brokers abroad who regularly do business with English yachters in the English language.

A useful book list, called the Basic English Library was compiled in 2019 . The criteria were that all books were familiar to most English people and that they gave insights into English culture attitudes and preferences. It quickly became obvious that this would be useful to a much wider audience and so it has now evolved into The English Culture Library.

Subsequently advice on obtaining British Citizenship and permanent residency was added giving details of “The Life in the UK Test” and a directory of test centres.

Visitors can click the link to the Study Guide and take free practice tests to find out what is involved prior to making an application.

VISIT The Library

Reveals language, attitudes history and loves of the English

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